Monday, November 14, 2016

Jesus Christ A Poem

Prince of Peace, painted by Akiane, age 8. Image Courtesy of, (208)712-4491Source
O joyous reflections upon Thy name, I give my heart
To thee my God and my Savior. Thou art not far
When my soul is troubled and still. I feel the tender
Mercy upon my soul--forgiveness comes to me as a sinner.

Thy life Thou freely gave for the salvation of mankind.
In that bitter cup that caused even Thee, the greatest of all to pine
For relief. Yet, Thou didst not heed Thy body's anguish
Or the spiritual suffering inflicted upon Thee. I have no language

To describe my love for Thy sacrifice but Hallelujah!
I give Thee praise!. How Thou hast saved us
All from woe, I do not dare forget! I remember every week
I take the sacrament and to my soul the Spirit speaks,

"Thy sins forgiven by the mercy of the Son of God."
I weep for joy knowing with Christ I win. And odds
Being in my favor because the mercy of Christ prevails
In my life. His mercy, Christ's mercy will take me through the veil.

On that side, Christ mercy extends to all my loved ones
Long dead. I see my grandmother and daughter there. Some
Aunts and Uncles greet me too. All because Christ broke the bands
Of death and hell. All humanity before Him one day will stand.

Through Him, we live again. Through Him, we will have a chance
Whether we heard in this life or the next His gospel plan.
His mercy is sufficient even to redeem the heathen man
Let not man's philosophy marginalize the effects of Christ's plan!

Can I offer my testimony here my friend!
God lives, and He sent His Son to save us. And
It is important to know that so we can take advantage of
The plan. Pray about it to our God for the truth, and He will divulge it to you with love.

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