Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vigilante - Poem

You saw me on the news and you say I am to blame
Where is my truth?
You heard that he was Black and he died
I fired to defend myself now I must use another name!

I did not know that this would happen
When I am free of wrong in the law's eyes
I have a bounty on my head for my capture
You are not the law I hide emotionally snapping

When did my life become the value of a garment
In a furnace of words and tumult
My life is over where are my friends?
This social pressure, unlawfully so, I will not give up.

Vigilante, oh murderous hand, leave me be!
I have no accuser at my gate
I am so hated right now I hope it fades
Please Vigilante, do not follow Panthers words to come after ME!

Thanks for reading. Following the accusation of George Zimmerman of killing Trayvon Martin, the New Black Panther Party issued a reward for his arrest. This poem is dedicated to the illegality of that act, though many people may have agreed with arresting the accused.

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