Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Poetic Limericks Dedicated to the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Limerick style of poetry is five lines, two shorter, the third and fourth lines usually and three long, the first, second and last lines.  Here is a sample:
Limericks are not meant to be nice or beautiful but gaudy and irreverent.
  1. So don't read limericks if you are easily offended
  2. Because you will find you're always winded
  3. They may not swear or curse
  4. Well, maybe the very worst
  5. I assure you it is all very intended.
Limericks are usually obscene, though I have no intention of following that tradition here.  Following you will find my artistic interpretation of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman's encounter in set in limerick. 
Mother says
Retched away of Life is My Son.
I Christened him with love Trayvon
Remember him forever my precious love
In peace, I will see you again above
Throw the book at the killer with the gun!

Zimmerman Woe
This little pig went to the Market
This little pig had candy in his pocket
But the wolf had some fun
When he pulled out his gun
I bet now he wish he'd just had dropped it.

This man was not crazy just dedicated
He watched the streets to make them pleasant
Action hero wanna be followed a boy
It was too late to stop when the boy was no toy
Causing a death all he wants is peace but America will not let him.

I strolled down the street in my hoodie
I am cool and gangsta on the phone with my girl like I should be
I ran from this man to get away
I kicked in his face a bullet entered the fray
Dead and stunned now I look down at my Body

This wouldn't have happened if I were in school.
I was suspended though because I was trying to be cool
I wasn't even causing any trouble this time
But what a world, karma is a heck of a swine
I am here in a cloud with a harp sitting on a stool.

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